What can I expect from the Eclipse Of The Ego?

Regardless of your archetype, each and every one of us has an Ego - but not the Ego that we're familiar with.

The Ego, according to Individuation terms, is the image of yourself that each of us has construed in our own minds. An image that we use to convince ourselves of what we wish to be, rather than who we truly are.

Think of the Ego as a veil that covers your Self - your true, actual self. The part of you that resides deep within your soul, far beneath the surface.

And with the progression of time, your true Self gets buried further, and further, making it difficult to recognize.

That's what the Eclipse Of The Ego intends to achieve for you - to guide you through the process of recognizing who you truly are, and discovering the innate, forgotten part of your identity. Your truest desires. Your hidden talents. Your natural inclinations.