I cannot access my account

If you can't log into one of your accounts with us (either your Tree Of Life account or Natal Chart account), then first of all please accept our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience caused. We're tirelessly working on improving our products and services to give you nothing short of the best self-improvement experience. And rest assured, we'll help you regain access to your account :) 

But first, here are a few recommendations you can attempt on your own before consulting our assistance!

1. Have you checked if your account details are correct?

It's always important to check that the email and password combination your entered is correct. If you're not certain of this information, you can always click on the "Reset Password" link that's available on the login page.

2. Is your internet connection stable?

If your browser is taking longer to load than usual, it's likely that a poor internet connection is interfering with your login attempts. In which case, please try connecting to a different network, or restarting your router altogether.

3. Are you using an outdated browser?

While our site is mostly compatible with all browsers, there's little we can do about browsers that aren't updated to the latest software. In which case, you can either update your browser, or try using Google Chrome to access the login page. You can download Google Chrome here.

4. Have you cleared your cookies?

Cookies remember and store information locally in your browser to improve your user experience (such as login details, credit card information). It helps you remember this information on your behalf. But it can interfere with login attempts at times, especially if you've creating multiple accounts. In which case, please try clearing your browser cookies.

5. Tried everything, but still can't access your account?

No problem! Please drop us an email at contact@individualogist.com (or start a conversation here) with the error you're encountering, along with some screenshots if you've encountered something peculiar. We'll help you reset your account's credentials and restore your access in a jiffy!