About The Tarot Symbols Of Life

What's included in the Tarot Symbols Of Life?

The Tarot Symbols of Life consists of the main eBook, and comes with the following additional bonuses: 1. Tarot Reading Cheatsheet (All meanings and conventions of tarot cards) 2. Tarot Reading Worksheet (Devising your own tarot spread) 3. Tarot Reading Guide (A 12-step guide to practice question-based tarot reading) 4. Brainwave Bliss Audio Tracks (Binaural beats to create lasting behavioural changes)

What can I expect from the Tarot Symbols Of Life?

The Tarot Symbols Of Life is a complete guide to Tarot reading. It will equip you with all the tools and knowledge to perform your own Tarot spreads, read your own fortune, and interpret your own readings. And when you become confident enough, you'll be able to do the exact same for others! This product is excellent for anyone who's curious about Tarot reading, how it works, its history, as well as the interpretations of different spreads and individual cards.

Is there a link between Tarot and Individuation?

Carl Jung, the founding father of Individuation, mentioned the significance of Tarot in one of his renowned speeches in 1993. “They are psychological images, symbols with which one plays, as the unconscious seems to play with its contents. They combine in certain ways, and the different combinations correspond to the playful development of events in the history of mankind. The original cards of the Tarot consist of the ordinary cards, the king, the queen, the knight, the ace, etc.,—only the fig...