About The Natal Personality Report

What is the Natal Personality Report?

The Natal Personality Report is a personalized astrology report that offers you divine guidance when it comes to your personality, purpose, and decisions, as dictated by the stars. Based on planetary movements and planetary alignments, renowned Astrologer Kelli Fox will generate a personalized and highly precise guide that will help you predict and navigate the months ahead of you. This report is only accessible on Individualogist's Natal Platform at https://natal.individualogist.com

What can I expect from the Natal Personality Report?

The Natal Personality Report is a revealing, informative, and sacred experience. It seeks to guide you through the months to come at a highly precise and intimate level and give you valuable insights to understand the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead of you. All of this can be used to further your self-improvement journey, ultimately through the process of astrology and Birth Charts.

How can I access my Natal Personality Report?

Once you've successfully purchased your Natal Personality Report, the program will be unlocked once you've logged into https://natal.individualogist.com/user Navigate to "Library" from the navigation menu, and tap on the Natal Personality Report icon to download instantly. If it is not unlocked, please check that: 1. Your "billing email address" or "customer email address" matches the email address you use to log into the Natal Chart Platform. 2. You have refreshed the page at least once 3....