What is included in The Diminishing Your Shadow Report?

The Diminishing Your Shadow Report consists of over a HUNDRED pages of highly personalized revealings about your shadow. 

It’s been written completely based on your specific archetype. Everything you need to know about your shadow is contained in this book, including:

  • Understanding the origins and purpose of your shadow
  • Instructions and exercises on how you can control your shadow
  • The secrets of identifying other people’s shadows and how you can use that to your advantage

Included with your Diminishing Your Shadow Report is your Shadow Metamorphosis Guide, a one-year long guide filled with daily exercises and readings to ensure your successful transformation.

The Diminishing Your Shadow Report also comes with a whopping 8 high quality, additional bonuses!

Bonus #1: 7 Days of Meditation Tracks

Binaural beats have been used for decades to create lasting behavioural changes within human beings. Enhance your meditation sessions with these 7 bonus meditation tracks. This bonus will aid you greatly as you embark on the path towards diminishing your shadow – solidifying the behavioural changes that you will experience during this journey.

Bonus #2: The Birth Of Tarot Reading

The Birth of Tarot Reading will teach you the fundamentals and a few advanced techniques about tarot predictions and the history of tarot. This reading will provide you with all the information you need to get started as a tarot reader – a truly meaningful and thoughtful eBook, especially for individuals interested in tarot reading.

Bonus #3: Unlocking The Wheel Of Your Channeling Chakras
Gain insight into how you can leverage on your chakra to achieve the unthinkable. There are seven chakras in the human energy system, and by understanding the inner-workings of our chakras, we become aware of our unconscious behaviours. This reading is valuable for transformation and healing.

Bonus #4: The Revelation Of Individuation

Boost your understanding of individuation and discover how you can make use of its advanced techniques to understand your true purpose. Going through this reading will reveal to you the origins of individuation, and the vital role that in plays during the self-discovery process.

Bonus #5: The Mastery Of Palmistry

Palmistry is an ancient art form that’s certainly worth understanding. If you’ve ever wondered about its principles and ideologies, this reading will reveal intriguing information. Master the art of palm reading and apply these techniques on your loved ones – you’ll be surprised at how accurate its readings can be!

Bonus #6: Balance Your Life Using Deep Rhythmic Chi Gong
The Individuation journey is one that ultimately leads to fulfilment in life; and within the core of fulfilment, lies the importance of balance. This reading seeks to emphasize the importance of balance through the ancient Eastern exercise of Chi Gong, which will attain balance in all aspects of life.

Bonus #7: The Pendulum Of Emotional Freedom Tapping

Freedom tapping has been used for centuries to reveal hidden attributes of an individual’s personality. But beyond that, freedom tapping is known to have healing benefits – both spiritual and physical. Find out how you can apply these same techniques in your own life, and also to others around you.

Bonus #8: Elements Of Astrology

Astrology has existed for thousands of years, guiding human beings through their journey of participating in “magical consciousness”. Find out how this ancient system can help you make precise predictions and uncover secrets about your true nature.